A Regular B. Com Degree OR Customised Integrated B. Com Program


While the need for trained professionals is at an all-time high today, a serious skill gap issue in India with a talent shortage of skilled professionals at 9 percent higher than the global average.

As rapid digitalization becomes commonplace for businesses today, the need for a workforce that possesses skills to respond to these changes in a productive way has been crucial. Over the past few years, despite numerous efforts by consecutive governments, we are facing an acute shortage of skilled workforce across the globe and a serious skill gap issue in India.

Diwakar Dayal, managing director at Tenable India says For a country that supports a majority of the world’s technology outsourcing requirements, it’s alarming to see that India’s talent shortage is 9 percent higher than the global average’s not relevant with studies of commerce discipline??? Debatable!!!

Artificial Intelligence and You?

Criticizing anything which threatens our status quo ”Artificial Intelligence intrusion in every aspect of our life is inevitable. AI is here to change the global hiring, job market, and oversupply of graduates without organizational required Skill will not be Asset but a Liabilities Are we ready??? Debatable!!!

According to Garg, founder and CEO, Eightfold.ai. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to replace old keyword search like hiring based on resumes and job description and managing workforce AI by using hundreds of public data sources, can look at a job candidate’s skills, and match them to prospective jobs A Regular B.Com | BBA degree how far it will take you??? Debatable!!!


In India, approx. 39931 Colleges could produce approx. 5.0 Lacs of Commerce Graduate of which maximum 40-50% only could garner job in first 6 months of passing out of the College. But how many of them get either desired companies or salary with an opportunity of certain future and better growth prospects A regular degree may help in filling the resume and policy of required minimum educational qualification but couldn’t guarantee a better-structured career in 2020 onward??? Debatable!!!


Today, in the competitive job market scenario, merely having a graduate degree like B. Com | BBA is not enough to land you in a good position. Students need to have the proper knowledge and additional competencies rather than just a B. Com | BBA degree to face the strong competition in life. These days, organizations prefer candidates with additional practical skill sets. Students generally don’t have an idea about the available options of parallel courses that might boost the value of their B. Com| BBA degree.

An Integrated Program likely;
Academic B. Com | BBA
+Professional Courses
+Vocational Course Elective
+Technology & Analytics (Business Analytics Optional)
Make more sense to choose this kind of program with a better-structured Value delivery system.

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